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In the current era, the business landscape constitutes a generation mix of the Gen X (Baby Boomers) and the Gen Y (Millennials). What makes this interesting is the opportunity to imbibe the values of the Gen X and the technology adaptability of the Gen Y, pool the best practices and create an amalgamated business environment that can be fruitful with a never before flavour. MASA consulting group aims at building this bridge.

MASA partners with clients from private, public and not-for-profit sectors to identify their business opportunities, address their challenges and enable a business transformation towards the long term growth of the company.



We believe in happy customers and see Business Process consulting as a creation. We add automation to the human aided processes and attach a heart to technology. Motivated to do the difference, we create the unique difference with our business methodologies. We study, analyse, create, and innovate by adding value to processes and process to values.

We are charged with a unique fervour, to present on a platter the old world values with adapted modernization and business transformation from paper to screen and from value to value addition.