MASA provides a digital platform to enhance digital transformation and digital process integration. Technology adaptation and customer experience are parallel, not identical – we know this and apply this. We collect and analyze data to understand the customers. We create solutions to cater to the customers’ touchpoints, add experiences, measure analytics and enhance creativity to add qualitative value. We create unique and lasting experiences.

Digital Transformation

The emergence of a digital economy is happening at an unprecedented rate. A Gartner survey has revealed that nearly 50% of marketing budgets will be spent on digital marketing.  This fundamental shift in spending from traditional to digital business models is creating both opportunities and threats for both the public and the private sector enterprises making the management of cost and value a key focus.

To cater to this sea change, the enterprise would have to transform itself from within. The change starts inside. It will need to develop agile and innovative capabilities as well as further imparting IT, by exploring emerging technologies like cloud services, automation and building on the foundations of established methods, processes and services.

MASA enables a hassle-free digital transformation at a fast phase. While MASA’s digital transformation can be used as a stand-alone service, we take detailed care to cater to customer touchpoints and enable a transformation of the customer experience as value addition. MASA deploys the four technologies that are currently driving business innovation – Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) to achieve this end.

In the process of digital transformation, MASA enables complete process digitization to optimize cost and value. Apart from increasing the bottom line growth through high RoI and customer experience transformation, we enable top-line growth by building the brand value.


Digital Processes Management

As you embark on digital transformation, it’s important to consider the available areas of opportunity. Whether you have a dedicated digital team or manage your website yourself there may well be opportunities to increase the efficiency of your operation through digital process management. No matter how large or small your operation, we’ll review and analyse your day-to-day procedures to help improve digital process management and overall performance, save you time and maximise your return on investment.

MASA’s digital process management consultants can work with you to analyse your resource structure, systems and processes and help identify opportunities and solutions to improve workflow and efficiency.

The most visible end stakeholder is your customer. But internal functional stakeholders and your B2B processes must be transformed as well to provide the right collaboration platforms to positively influence the processes your customers interact with. Digital Business process management must cut across touch points and transform the entire value chain.



MASA’s Re-engineering service essentially recreates and repositions your business from a digital perspective. We work from the bottom up, creating a start-up like an outlook, facilitating a sense of freedom, creativity, flexibility and practicality while sticking to the discipline of a well-established enterprise. We deploy big data, analytics and real-time user experience feedback to design and bring to life a genuine digital experience.


Customer centricity forms the core start point across the digital re-engineering processes of ideation, design, marketing and sales, customer service and branding. In the process of digital re-engineering, we ensure creating an emotional connection on the digital platform that storefronts have an edge over. We reimagine your business for you.

Customer Analytics & Research

Customer analytics is becoming critical. Customer Analytics helps turn your data into something you can really use: a tool to drive your business further, faster & smarter. Customers are more empowered and connected than ever, with unprecedented access to information anytime and anywhere. Their expectations are high, and their buying choices are based on positive interactions with your brand. Customer analytics can tell you who your customers are, what they are doing, what they want, and how and when to reach them so that you can create personalized unique experiences for them.

MASA brings to you an integrated Customer Analytics Solution that

  • Facilitates key business and marketing decisions via predictive analysis

  • Enables identification of target customers

  • Helps understand your customers’ requirements and market customized solutions to the specific audience

  • Help engage with customers through the right channel, with the right message, at the right time

  • Measures customer sentiment and surveys data relevant for prediction of customer behaviour

  • Maximizes customer lifetime value through personalization and CRM, enabling a 360° visibility of the customer

Customer Xperience Platform

Take any industry and there are players with a neck and neck competition. To gain an edge, companies are adapting to multichannel customer engagement. To achieve an efficient multichannel customer experience (CX), your company needs to combine multimodality, orchestration, and journey management that can deliver compelling business outcomes. To achieve this end, managing the journey in a piece, part business silos should be done away with and companies should come up with an assembly approach to design, orchestrate, monitor and tune end-to-end multichannel customers journeys. This would mean better efficiency by your organization and that would translate into customers feeling more valued and engaged, leading to customer satisfaction and customer loyalty and ultimately to better results in your top and bottom-line business performance.

MASA enables designing and orchestrating this multichannel customer experience from a customer context frame of reference, to personalize the journey across all touchpoints, voice, digital, social media, apps, marketing, sales and service and any other channel. By monitoring and tuning multichannel customer service, your business can predict customer needs, personalize their interactions and provide proactive information to head-off inbound calls and streamline the customer experience.